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About Me

Hello… I’m Sarah

I have a bachelor's degree in Business & Finance. I have been an Associate Wedding Photographer under Amanda Sudimack (Artisan Events) in Chicago, IL and have mentored with Kirsten Lewis in Documentary Photography and Julia Kelleher (Jewel Images) in Newborn Portraiture. Additionally, I further my photography education on a regular basis through my membership in Professional Photographers of America, conferences and classes.

photo credit: Joseph Esser Photography

Meet Matthew...

Matthew has a bachelor's degree in Accounting. He has mentored in Senior & Fashion photography with David Beckham (David Beckham Photography). Matthew is my husband and is also our Associate Photographer, Chief Financial Officer, Technology Consultant, Studio Manager, etc. Matthew furthers his photography education on a regular basis through his membership in Professional Photographers of America, conferences and classes.

photo credit: Joseph Esser Photography

Our Promise…

It is our joy as a photographer to capture you as your life changes over the years. No matter when we meet and when we start as your photographer, we want to be YOUR photographer forever.

St. Louis wedding, newborn baby and family photographers

photo credit: Joseph Esser Photography

We work with the following organizations to provide volunteer photography work including Girls in the Know, Children with Hair Loss and the ALS Association St. Louis, MO regional chapter. One of our true joys is sharing photography education with children and we welcome the opportunity to teach short classes to spark an interest in photography amongst toddlers and elementary aged kiddos at local schools.

Fun fact about us - Sarah is a Nikon and Sony photographer and Matthew is a Canon photographer. In the 9 years we have photographed together, neither of us have convinced the other to switch systems. In fact, we now think it is pretty fun that we are both are comfortable photographing on a second (or third) system.

Best St. Louis Newborn, Family, and Wedding Photographer in her Studio

A few more things about me…

I love babies. At times I think back and wonder why I didn’t explore a career as a labor and delivery or NICU nurse. I could hold a newborn forever and the carefree smile of a baby sitting up or the careful first steps of a little one reaching their first birthday brings me right back to the special moments I experienced with my own children.

I love Life cereal.

I'm a big fan of everything Apple.

Home is St. Louis, MO although I spend my fair share of time in Chicago, IL and New York, NY.

I'm a professional laundry sorter.

Moments mean a lot to me. They create our history.

I love taking Polariods and photograph my kids at times using 35mm film on the Minolta SRT201. There is something old school about it that I love. I enjoy seeing them shake a Polaroid, anxious for it to develop. At the same time it makes me happy to have them wait for film to be developed when we send it off for processing. As a child I remember being so excited when my Mom picked up a new set of prints from one of those drive-through film development kiosks.

I'm a HUGE FAN of Amazon Prime.

My family is my inspiration. If you get to know me, you will quickly get to know my hubby Matthew, and our kiddos, my step-daughter Maddie (14), my son Logan (11), and our boy/girl twins Riley (5) & Quinn (5). I feel so lucky that they provide me countless opportunities to creatively capture the magical memories of their growing years.