Winter Storm Q (and R)

Winter Storm Q (and R)

Today, St. Louis had a BIG (little) winter storm leaving about 6 inches of fresh powder on our driveway.


Late this afternoon when I finished up work, Q & R spent some quality time chilling with us in their stroller (snuggled in the garage protected from the wind) while we dug out the driveway.  I (of course) had to snap a few quick photos of them in the front yard.  I simply love how adorable Q and R look in their big sister’s and big brother’s snowsuits paired with their fun Owl Hats from Mommys Little Sunshine that I bought on a whim last Fall.

As you can see, Q appears to be a natural snow bunny.


Big brother R, not quite a fan (yet).


We are having fun with the storm being named “Winter Storm Q”.  In fact, my husband had a “snow afternoon” with R & Q today.  He tweeted “My youngest daughter is the true #winterstormQ”!  I don’t think Q was interested in napping.  She was giving Daddy a run for his money.  🙂

It was fun to “play” in the snow a little today.  A good reminder that you are never to BIG (or little) for a snow day.

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