watson family – glencoe park • st. louis, mo family photographer

The Watson family spent a beautiful fall morning on a walk at Glencoe Park in Wildwood, MO with their gorgeous dogs, hanging at the park, and grabbing a yummy sweet treat.

These are some of my favorites from their session!

 Web_Watson_141019_061 Web_Watson_141019_022 Web_Watson_141019_035Web_Watson_141019_042 Web_Watson_141019_050 Web_Watson_141019_056 Web_Watson_141019_057 Web_Watson_141019_061 Web_Watson_141019_070 Web_Watson_141019_086 Web_Watson_141019_089 Web_Watson_141019_093 Web_Watson_141019_097 Web_Watson_141019_101 Web_Watson_141019_109 Web_Watson_141019_115 Web_Watson_141019_151 Web_Watson_141019_153 Web_Watson_141019_155 Web_Watson_141019_159 Web_Watson_141019_165 Web_Watson_141019_170 Web_Watson_141019_176 Web_Watson_141019_178 Web_Watson_141019_190 Web_Watson_141019_206 Web_Watson_141019_214 Web_Watson_141019_223 Web_Watson_141019_233 Web_Watson_141019_236 Web_Watson_141019_237

And finally, a slideshow of favorites from the session!

Watson Family – Fall 2014 from Sarah E Studios on Vimeo.

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