Spring Snowflakes

Spring Snowflakes

We are having this crazy winter storm, even though Spring has officially arrived on the calendar and the kids have already had their Spring Break at school.  It’s been fun all the way around with a quiet snowy Sunday at home with the little ones and a fun Monday school snow day for the big kids.Spring Snowflakes 2013

Siblings in the Snow Circa 1986Siblings in the Snow Circa 1986It’s impossible to think of my childhood days in elementary school without remembering just how amazing school snow days were.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved going to school.  However, what possibly was better than an unexpected day off of school? I grew up in New Jersey and my brother Ken and I used to play outside for hours with our friends Naomi and Mark down the street.  I remember bundling up and building snowmen and forts (for protection in an “ultimate snowball fight”) in those huge huge snow piles that the plows created.  I can’t believe I placed my finger on these two old photos in my pile of “old photos” so quickly today.  This is my little brother Ken and me, circa 1986!

I don’t really have “snow days” anymore given my “work from home” status although I have absolutely had a moment today that I wished upon a star that I could fly off to Neverland and be the little girl version of myself, just for a few hours.  However, I can’t exactly call my boss and tell him that I can’t make it to my office, just a few feet from my kitchen!  What I did do today though was sneak out of my office and away from work for 15 minutes to check in on the kiddos playing outside.  I am thankful for this “grown up version” of my childhood snow day.  Today M and L have their best friends over and have had a blast playing outside.  I wish they wanted to spend all day outside… but an hour here and there works for them.

If there was one thing I wish I could make M & L realize now is what a gift their childhood is.  Today reminded me how the simplest things, a school snow day, really did fill my childhood memory bank with warm, happy thoughts.

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