riley & quinn – baby plan, age 1 milestone session • st. louis, mo baby photographer

riley & quinn – baby plan, age 1 milestone session • st. louis, mo baby photographer

It’s hard to believe that our little “babies” are already O – N – E ! All in all, the twinkies had a total of 3 cake smashes.  They did one together, each had one solo with Mommy, and  had one final one at their first birthday party.  Here are some favorite images from their outdoor “twin cake smash session” as well as their solo sessions with Mom.

The outdoor cake smash session was a full family event with 4 sets of helpful hands (thanks to R & Q’s big sister M, big brother L, Dad and Mom) and 2 sets of very messy hands before it was all over!  🙂

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 01

A little bit about the “backdrop”.  It was nothing short of a miracle to pull off having these 9 balloons in the background.  This shoot took two tries because the first time we went to try this, we brought home 10 balloons from Party City and all 10 popped for what seemed to be no reason within about 45 seconds after we got them all setup in the backyard and were carrying the babies down to the “set”.  We surmised later that the balloon popping was due to the temperature swing from the cool indoor air and the hot outdoor summer air.  Apparently don’t get “high float” in your balloons if you are going to be exposing them to temperature swings.  The second time around only one popped.  We secured the balloons into the grass using golf tees – so easy and looked great!

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 02

These amazing smiles from R & Q are 100% owed to their big sister and big brother who seem to have the knack for making them smile and laugh.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 03

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 04

We picked up these very yummy cupcakes from our local bakery, Slice of Heaven.  They were very sweet to write R & Q’s names on them for us last minute.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 05

Here are all my “helpers” in action.  L was on Mom’s iPhone 5 for photo and video duty.  M was shooting on my old Nikon D70 SLR with an 85 MM lens.  Dad was busy making silly faces and singing songs will managing all the little random things that needed to be done to keep R & Q safe and happy while Mom snapped away.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 06

R & Q really weren’t too sure about what they were supossed to do.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 07

But, it didn’t take long for them to figure it out!

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 08

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 09

Q really loved the chocolate cake.  R really loved the icing.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 10

I love these shots of M and L documenting the fun family event from their perspective.  What a great way to keep them engaged, involved, and feeeling important.  Not to mention, it’s amazing what a 6 year old can do with an iPhone and a 9 year old can do with an SLR!

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 11

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 12

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 13

This might be my favorite image of the whole session.  I love how they are interacting with each other and covered in icing and chocolate cake!

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 14

Such a sweet shot of all four of our kiddos.  I’m likely to turn this one into a canvas for our home.

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 15

R and Q are getting sleepy.  Look at that messy blue/green hand.  🙂

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 16

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 17

We had one last little burst of energy as they escaped their high chairs!

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 18

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 19

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 20

While I’m thinking of R & Q’s adorable outfits, I want to give a shout-out to Little Darlings Designs.  I found the shop on Etsy and am quite impressed by the quality of their onesie’s and Q’s super fun tutu.  I’d highly recommend looking them up and considering them for any “custom” embroidery work you might need done.  [Please note that I was in no way compensated by Little Darling Designs.  I simply found the company via Etsy, purchased attire from them, and fell in love.]

Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash - 21

What fun it was to share that experience as a family.  I don’t think any of us will forget it and I’m excited to see if M and L’s pictures and videos!

In addition to this joint cake smash session, I took each of our little ones out for a little bit to spend some one on one time with them.  I made homemade cakes for each of them and captured a few images of them tasting Mommy’s first birthday cake.  🙂  Here are some of my favorite images from our outings.

Q and Mommy went to our favorite “Secret Park” and took a walk (touching almost every flower along the way) and went on the swings before laying out a blanket and giving Q an opportunity to taste some cake.  The first picture is probably my favorite from our Mom/Daughter date.  All Q wanted to do was practice walking!

First Birthday Cake Smash - 22

First Birthday Cake Smash - 23

First Birthday Cake Smash - 24

First Birthday Cake Smash - 25

First Birthday Cake Smash - 26

First Birthday Cake Smash - 27

First Birthday Cake Smash - 28

First Birthday Cake Smash - 29


R and Mommy went to this adorable little “Train Stop” near our house.  R explored around the caboose and tasted some cake before it started raining a little too hard and we had to head back home.

First Birthday Cake Smash - 30

First Birthday Cake Smash - 31

First Birthday Cake Smash - 32

First Birthday Cake Smash - 33

First Birthday Cake Smash - 34

First Birthday Cake Smash - 35

First Birthday Cake Smash - 36

This is my favorite shot of R during our special Mom/Son date.  It captures the fun we had exploring the caboose!

First Birthday Cake Smash - 37

These moments to mark the end of R & Q’s first year were so special and fun.  Hard to believe 12 months have gone by.  I look forward to celebrating so many future birthday’s with these two special little nuggets.  Happy 1ST Birthday R & Q!




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  1. Hillary DeVisser
    6 years ago

    What lovely pictures! I have had such fun watching your precious babies grow through your photos. Best wishes on what milestones and adventures the next year will bring. And remember, I’m here for you when they hit three (I say while gloating because we’re on the flip side!). Take care! – Hillary

    • Sarah Howell
      6 years ago

      Aw, thanks so much Hillary! You are too sweet and have been so supportive. You know I’ll be looking for all the twin advice I can at 3 (if not before). I feel like everyday we are hurdling a new “challenge” on this wonderful ride of raising twins (and their amazing older siblings too)! -S

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