R & Q’s Newborn Albums

R & Q’s Newborn Albums

It only took me 7 months, but I’ve (finally) completed R & Q’s newborn albums.  I can’t wait to have the printed versions delivered to my doorstep in a few weeks!

I have some adorable images of my sweet twins together and I’m sure at some point I will make an album of those.  However, it was so important to me that R & Q each have their own album that spoke to them as an individual.

Q’s album was easy for me. Ever since I got my hands on the “Lullaby Album” template from Designs by Jenn I knew I wanted to use it for Q.  I love the lavender color, the simple design and the large open photo boxes to show off all the little details in Q’s newborn images.

However, it was finding R’s album template that inspired me to take on this project. Boy stuff is tough, right?!? I came across this amazing “Monster Mash” template from Oh Snap Boutique and I was sold.  Monster’s are all the rage in our house and for R.  We dress him up in monster “stuff” all the time thanks to Heidi Klum’s baby and kiddo Truly Scrumptious clothing line.

The images throughout these albums were taken by me (Sarah E), my husband, or an AMAZING friend of ours, Teri.  Teri is one unbelievably talented photographer.  She gave my husband and me the greatest gift when she captured on (digital) film the moments leading up to and after our little one’s birth on July 9, 2012.

Little monster, R.

Monster Mash Newborn Album!Monster Mash Newborn Album - 01Monster Mash Newborn Album - 02Monster Mash Newborn Album - 03Monster Mash Newborn Album - 04Monster Mash Newborn Album - 05Monster Mash Newborn Album - 06Monster Mash Newborn Album - 07Monster Mash Newborn Album - 08Monster Mash Newborn Album - 09

Sweet girl, Q.

Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album01 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album02 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album03 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album04 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album05 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album06 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album07 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album08 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album09 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album10 Baby Girl Lullaby Newborn Album11

As R & Q near their 8 month mark, it’s already hard at times to remember how little they once were.  I’ll never regret taking the time out to pour lots of love into making these albums.

Now I need to find the time to make L’s newborn album…hopefully sometime before he turns 6 years old in May.  Nothing like taking projects a little out of order!  😉


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  1. Jenny Matlock
    7 years ago

    Nicely done! I did an album for my daughter Emily for her 5th grade graduation for all of her happenings from kindergarten through 5th grade. She loved it! I plan to go back and do ones for her years before that, but it makes it much harder when I know I have to go back and scan photos the photos first!

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