Pashia Family Ultrasound – Mercy Hospital • St. Louis, MO Maternity Photographer

There are very few sessions I love more than ones like this where I get to be a fly on the wall with a family and capture everyday moments to mark milestones.

During this session for the Pashia family I was invited to join Mom, Dad, Evan, Addy, and Julia to see their Baby Brother at one of Mommy’s ultrasounds in the doctor offices adjacent to Mercy hospital.  The moments during the ultrasound were sweet and the moments during Mommy’s doctor visit afterwards (where 7 of us, including the doctor, crushed into a tiny exam room)!.  I loved hearing the kids giggle when they saw their brother’s “boy parts” on the screen.  The frame of Addy covering her eyes captures the moment perfectly.  Julia had a lollypop in her mouth pretty much the whole afternoon and was so loving to Mommy.  Evan was deep in thought a few times trying to figure out how this whole thing happens and how his baby brother will “escape.”  It was fun to see Dad pour over some of  Baby P’s first printed photographs.  I loved the smile on Mom’s face the whole afternoon.  Too many sweet moments to write them all down.

Web_Pashia_160113_003 Web_Pashia_160113_004 Web_Pashia_160113_016 Web_Pashia_160113_025 Web_Pashia_160113_027 Web_Pashia_160113_031 Web_Pashia_160113_036 Web_Pashia_160113_044 Web_Pashia_160113_059 Web_Pashia_160113_060 Web_Pashia_160113_061 Web_Pashia_160113_078 Web_Pashia_160113_090 Web_Pashia_160113_091 Web_Pashia_160113_097 Web_Pashia_160113_106 Web_Pashia_160113_109 Web_Pashia_160113_114 Web_Pashia_160113_116 Web_Pashia_160113_128

Pashia Family Ultrasound from Sarah E Studios on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to meet this little one in a few months time!


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