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Olivia Jane
born 08.01.13 @ 9:58pm
7lb 15oz | 19.5 inches

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_021

Olivia was welcomed into the world by Mom, Dad, and a very excited extended family.

Olivia’s Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Justin, arrived at Mercy hospital early afternoon.  Jen had been in early labor for nearly 24 hours at this point.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_001

As Jen was getting settled into her room, I arrived.  I was just in time to capture a few images of Justin supporting Jen through several painful contractions just before she received her epidural.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_002

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_003

Jen had her water broken by the doctor.  Love the story Jen’s hands tell in this image.  Pop!

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_004

Justin was so supportive to Jen as the afternoon and early evening hours passed.  Little Olivia’s heartbeat was monitored ever so closely by the nurses and doctors.  She seemed to miss her aquatic environment after Jen’s water was broken and liked it when her Mom laid on her left side.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_005

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_006

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_007

And finally, it was time to welcome the little girl into the world!   [Please note, the images below artistically show a birth.]

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_008

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_009

Jen’s OB asked Justin if he would like to help deliver his daughter.  If there was ever a moment, that as a birth photographer, I was glad to capture, it was this one.  What an amazing experience for this new family of three.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_010

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_011

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_012

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_013

So special…the new Dad laid his baby girl on her Mom’s chest.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_014

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_015

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_016

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_017

I love the tear falling from Jen’s eye.

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_018

Little fingers.  🙂

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_019

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_020

I loved all the little “firsts” captured during his first few moments of Olivia’s life.  Look at how sweet her cheeks are and what a full head of hair she had!

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_028

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_029

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_022

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_023

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_024

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_025

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_026

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130801_027

Olvia Jane Birth Story_130802_030

I am honored to have had the opportunity to capture the special, tender moments of Olivia Jane’s birth day.  Welcome to the world little one!

If you are looking for a birth photographer in the St. Louis metro area, let me know.  I’m interested in building out birth photography as part of my business and I’m currently booking portfolio building birth story sessions at discounted rates.

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