Mr. Moon

“Mr moon is really cool tonight”

My Mommy Hung The Moon - sweet bedtime story!

My sweet husband sent me that text last night on his way to pickup M from Girl Scouts while I was driving home with L, R and Q.  As I read the text (trying to find Mr. Moon in the sky out of the front windshield) I was taken back to a special moment with L.  A few years ago after a long drive down to St. Louis from Chicago, L spied a very cool Mr. Moon out his window.  To this day I can remember him saying “Mommy, Mr. Moon is saying hi to us” in his sweet little boy voice.  He was probably 2 and at the time it seemed so grown up of him to say.  From that moment on Mr. Moon took on a new meaning for me.  Mr. Moon was something magical for my little boy and in a small way represented childhood wonder and joy.  I’m sure I told my (now) husband about it and his text last night was that much more thoughtful because he knows…

As we arrived home and pulled in the driveway I told L that Mr. Moon was really cool and he should go find him with his little brother and sister.  There stood all three of my little ones in the driveway looking up was really was a beautiful Mr. Moon.  Sure, R & Q at 6 months old didn’t have a clue as they hung out in those little pumpkin seats, but I’ll remember this new Mr. Moon moment forever and will tell them about it some day.  L couldn’t have been sweeter making sure his little brother and sister were turned toward Mr. Moon and telling them that Mr. Moon hangs out in different parts of the sky and has different shapes… “Mr. Moon can be different colors and different shapes like a crescent and a big full circle…Mr. Moon has a pattern and goes from one shape to another and back again.” L looked up at me and said, “Mr. Moon really is super cool tonight.  He is glowing like Mr. Sun.”.  #mommymelted

My Mommy Hung The Moon - sweet bedtime story!After L (finally) got in his PJ’s I asked him if he wanted to read with R & Q.  He said yes and asked if we had a book about Mr. Moon.  I laughed as I figured we had to have something on our big bookshelf that is overflowing with books.  As if it was meant to be my eyes fell upon “My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story” by Jamie Lee Curtis (Author) and Laura Cornell (Illustrator).  It’s a sweet, fun story with beautiful photographs.  The story tells of the unconditional love a Mom has for her children and as a Mom was a good reminder that my kiddos look up to me (sooooooo) much.  The illustrations are whimsical, colorful and eye catching.

L and I took turns reading pages to R & Q as they sat with us.  L got a kick out of the note written on the inside cover from Nana who gave the book to L for his 5th birthday.  I got a kick out of seeing my 3 kids all sit together and read.  R & Q just started sitting up within the last week so this was a special moment all the way around.

I couldn’t love more how an ordinary moment can be so special.

I owe my husband one more big thank you for making the moment possible with that sweet text.

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  1. Peggy Martin
    7 years ago

    Sooo precious, Papa and I have been looking at Mr. Moon too. Thanks for sharing, love to all, xo

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