Lucy • St. Louis Newborn Photography

Welcome to the world Lucy!

Lucy’s Mom and Dad were looking for a less traditional newborn session focused on telling the story of a morning in her life with mom and dad during her early days.


At three weeks new, this little lady is as cute as a button.  I had an amazing time spending the morning with Heather, Peter, Lucy (and their pets!) doing a lifestyle photo session.  I hope someday these images are cherished by Lucy as they tell the real story of the time her Mom and Dad love to spend with her during these early days.  The morning started with some snuggles for Lucy and Dad.  Before the morning was over Lucy, Mom and Dad had accomplished two feedings, two diaper changes, a bath, a nap and lots of snuggles.  I love how even Lucy’s dog wanted in on all the action this morning.

Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_004 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_013 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_017 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_026 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_030 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_032

Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_052 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_055 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_063 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_069 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_074 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_092 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_096 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_099 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_105 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_116 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_129 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_132 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_142 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_150 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_167 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_177 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_179 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_184 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_191 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_195 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_202 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_208 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_224 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_226 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_227 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_230 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_245 Web_Maurer_Newborn_140828_256

Congrats to the whole family!

Enjoy a slideshow of some favorite images from the session!

Lucy’s Storytelling Newborn Session – Artisan Edit from Sarah E Studios on Vimeo.

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