Little Easter Bunnies

Little Easter Bunnies

This photo, from after mass on Easter Sunday taken in our front yard, is my new favorite.  I’m not sure if it’s the purple/lavender highlights in each of their outfits, the boys matching ties, or simply the sweet looks on all 4 of their faces.Easter Fun - 01 And this one of R & Q.  I mean, really?!?! They are so cute.  I want to put a book on their heads and make them stop growing up so quick already! Easter Fun - 02

Some sweet family shots!Easter Fun - 03 Easter Fun - 04Here are a few fun Instagram iPhone shots.  We used the TimerCam app on my iPhone for the family shot.  Of course not everyone is looking at the camera but at least we are all in the shot together! Easter Fun - 05 Easter Fun - 06 The weekend before Easter my husband and I talked about how we both had a picture (somewhere!) of the older kiddos in their Easter Baskets on their first Easter.  I can’t wait to dig those all up and pictures of all 4 of the kids together on their first Easters.  In the meantime, here are R & Q’s “basket” pics!Easter Fun - 07The night before Easter before the kiddos went to bed we dyed eggs.  Why is it that writing on Easter eggs with white crayons and dying them never grows old?  We did a “science experiment” by making dye with Paas tablets and Vinegar, Paas tablets and Lemon Juice, and a Pinterest recommendation, Kool-Aid.  I was skeptical of the Kool Aid but in the end, I loved it.  Next year we make all the dyes with Kool-Aid I think!  We all loved the smell and the colors were fun and punchy.  I might use two or three Kool-Aid packs for the light colors so speed up the dying process.  My husband and I agreed that “grape” was our favorite.  It doesn’t look purple like you might think…but it’s not brown either.  Somewhere in between.  A grown-up egg color!  Give it a try next year!Easter Fun - 08

What would Easter be without a visit from the Bunny to fill baskets with goodies?Easter Fun - 12Easter Fun - 10 Easter Fun - 11 Easter Fun - 13 Easter Fun - 14 Easter Fun - 15

Happy Easter!  Now if only the trees and flowers would bloom.  Where is Spring?!?



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