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Congratulations Ken & Danielle! Blog_Dailey_Wedding_16 From time to time I have an opportunity to share my gifts with family and friends.  This past weekend (July 12, 2014) my little brother Ken got married to Danielle in Tahoma, NV at a gorgeous boat house.  The setting was stunning, the wedding was beautiful and the love shared between Ken and Danielle shined.  Here are a few favorites images I took on Friday and Saturday at their rehearsal and wedding. Blog_Dailey_Wedding_01 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_02 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_03 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_04 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_05 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_06 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_07 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_08 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_09 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_10 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_11 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_12 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_13Blog_Dailey_Wedding_15 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_17 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_18 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_19 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_20 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_21 Blog_Dailey_Wedding_22 My hubby and kiddos stayed home back in St. Louis, MO.  Although I missed them terribly, I found lots of time on my hands.  I used it to document the event for my little brother.   As part of my gift to Ken and Danielle I have put together this video, a fusion of iPhone video (using the native video camera and 8mm app), photographs taken on my “big girl” camera, and snapshot images (think Instagram) on my iPhone.  I love how it turned out and hope they treasure it and share it with future generations. Fair warning… it’s 15 minutes long so grab a cocktail, sit back and enjoy their story! The short version… it’s ONLY 4 minutes! 😉 Love you both so much.  Congratulations!

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  1. Allison Q
    5 years ago

    Beautiful pictures! Such a great gift to them. Congrats to Ken and Danielle!

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