heart day.

It’s heart day.  I love heart day.  Not because of flowers or candy…because I can’t celebrate love enough!  It’s so easy to see this love on the faces of R, Q, L and M!  Here are the kiddos photo valentines from this year.  I edited them using some fun valentine overlays called “My Love” at Two Pear Designs.

R looks like a little heartbreaker in his shot.  It’s almost like he is dancing.  🙂 This little guy has a way of making you melt when you look into his big blue eyes.  The girls will swoon someday, guaranteed.

Valentines Day Photo and Craft Ideas | Sarah E Studios - 02_1

Q’s photo is imperfect (lacks focus) but I couldn’t help but pick it because it speaks to me.  Look at her hands!  I couldn’t believe it when I went to edit the images.  Valentines Day Photo and Craft Ideas | Sarah E Studios - 13valentines day photo and craft ideas | Sarah E Studios - 4She wouldn’t have put her hands in the shape of a heart if I had tried to get her to do so.  Oh, and Q’s adorable valentine xoxo headband was her first ever valentine’s day gift – from Daddy.  He got it at mysweetbee’s Etsy Shoppe.

Valentines Day Photo and Craft Ideas | Sarah E Studios - 01_1

L’s photo just makes me smile.  I loved it in B&W best because I fall in love with my little boy’s handsome eyes each and every time I see it.  L really is the SWEETEST boy.  I don’t know how I got so lucky!  His personality really shines in this shot.

Valentines Day Photo and Craft Ideas | Sarah E Studios - 03_1

M’s shot is so 100% her these days.  She got a guitar for Christmas and is now taking lessons.  She LOVES music and I’m sure is dreaming of someday being able to play a Taylor Swift song.  Until then, she is learning chords and scales and for fun rocks out with RED playing in the background.

Valentines Day Photo and Craft Ideas | Sarah E Studios - 04_1

Here are some fun Instagram shots of the kiddos putting together their valentines.

valentines day 2013 instragram inspirationI printed some valentine’s day cards using some valentine’s freebies I’ve collected over the years.  I think L’s cute Robot themed one was Two Pear Designs 2013 valentine freebie.  Go Like Two Pear Designs on Facebook.  Lots of fun templates and photo inspiration.  To complete M & L’s valentine’s, we made “Bling Rings”.  Well, Mom and Dad made them and M and L had fun playing with them.  M & L decided weeks ago that they wanted to make these fun rings (think ring pop but with a Hershey Kiss instead) after pouring over my Valentines Day board on Pinterest.  🙂

Tonight we are going to have some yummy heart shaped raviolis from Costco and I look forward to enjoying a little R&R and some wine with my sweet husband (who left me the sweetest valentine card on my desk this morning)!  Too bad The Bachelor doesn’t have a Valentine’s Day special on tonight!

Happy heart day.  xoxo

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