Happy 100th Day

Happy 100th Day

So, my kids hit their 100th day of school at Stanton Elementary today.  It’s hard to believe that M and L are officially 10 days past the halfway mark of the school year…but I digress…

L’s kindergarten class made it a celebration – complete with activities dealing with 100 and a parade around the school.  So… L (or L’s parents!) had a “homework project” – make a “100 day t-shirt”.  The instructions were simple: “Create a special t-shirt for the day.  With your child please find a t-shirt and glue or sew 100 items on it.  Ideas included buttons, stickers, paint, polka dots, iron-ons, sequins, feathers, beads, bows.”

So, there my husband and I stood in the aisle at Michaels, R & Q in tow.  Our conversation went something like this…

100 Day T-Shirt Project100 Day T-Shirt ProjectMe: “Nice of the teachers to give Mom and Dad a project.”

Hubby: “Yeah, super nice.”

Me: “I think this is easier for a girl.”

Hubby: “Absolutely”

[blank stares at each other on what to get that wouldn’t be girly]


Me: “Start with a white t-shirt? $3.99”

Hubby: Solid

Hubby: “How about these letters?”

Me: “They iron-on?  Sounds easy.  How hard can that be?” (you know what that means, right?!!)

Hubby: “Right.  Blue and Red?”

Me: “Perfect”

Hubby: “Only 49 per pack.”

Me: “Ugh, okay… 2 packs plus these two soccer ball iron-on’s?”

Hubby: “Done”

100 Day T-Shirt Project100 Day T-Shirt Project 100 Day T-Shirt Project 100 Day T-Shirt ProjectThen we were in the checkout line and it came to me… our iron had broken a few months back while I was trying to iron outfits for the kids for R & Q’s baptism.  So there we were heading next door to Target to buy a new iron.  I suppose the win in this was we needed a new iron.  Regardless, a new iron obviously wasn’t on the evening agenda or in the budget!

Of course Mom proceeded to procrastinate until the evening of the 99th day of school.  As I told L it was time to do his project, I told myself it couldn’t take too long to knock this out.  He was excited, but at the time, would have preferred to be doing most anything else, I’m going to guess.  Besides, the “ironing” project obviously wasn’t safe for a kindergartener to tackle (maybe Mom should have considered that while standing in the aisle at Michaels).

So there Mom and S-Dad were cutting apart the letters.  M and L tried to come up with words that would work on the shirt that could be made out of the limited options in the package.  We of course didn’t have enough N’s to do what we initially wanted to do, which was “ONE HUNDRED DAYS AT STANTON”.  However, a little out of the box thinking and we came up with “IOO DAYS AT STANTON” using the “I” and “O” and another “O”.  The plan was to put that on the front of the shirt and randomly place all the other letters on the back of the shirt.

I admit, it was in this part of the project that I about lost it.  The iron-on letters WOULD NOT IRON ON.  At least not the way the directions said.  Thankfully, my husband’s patience, combined with my idea to kick up the heat on our (new) iron made them eventually start to stick.  Of course, it took way longer than anticipated but we finally got all the letters ironed on!  At this point L was asleep and the babies were late for bedtime.

100 Day T-Shirt ProjectHowever, this morning when L saw the fully finished product and proudly took a picture in his shirt, it all seemed worth it.  I only wish I had found out what time the parade around the school was so I could have left my home office and run over there to see it.  I’m sure it was a sight.  In the words of M, “The Kindergarteners were sooooo cute!  I saw Lowg and his friends.  My teacher let us stop class and run out into the hallway to see them all parade around.”

I guess, in the end, I’m now thanking L’s teacher for the project.  The whole family pulled together and found it fun to help L with his classroom project.  I’ve also taken pause today to reflect on the kiddos school year so far.  I’ve thought back to their first day of school and some of the fun moments in between (surprising them at school lunches with R & Q, fall festival, L’s ½ birthday classroom celebration, M’s Leader of the Week presentation, reading to L’s kindergarten class, the classroom holiday party).  All of those memories are ones that I hold close.

100 Day, $100, ArtworkHere is L’s 100 day artwork.  If he had $100 he would want to buy a Skylander (Giants).  Go figure!

And last, but not least, a little bragging about M.  It hit me today that it’s 100 days into the school year and she has read and taken quizzes on 110 books.  Quite the accomplishment M!

Cheers to 80 more (amazing) days this school year!


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  1. Dad
    7 years ago

    Reminds me of a day spent re-making a gingerbread house… Again, again, and again.

    • Sarah E
      7 years ago

      Oh how I remember that! I was laughing out loud in the nursery tonight when I read your comment Dad! I seem to recall a 4th grade egg drop project that also took a great deal of time but was soooo fun.

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