GodMom Teri and the Color Lilac

This week our mini family (Dad, Mom, R & Q) spent some time with one of Q’s GodMom’s.  Aunt Teri was beyond sweet and came to the park with us and took some family photos that we can’t wait to peek at.

At the same time, I snapped a few shots of my own of Auntie TT and Q!  I know Q will treasure these someday and I’m pretty sure Anutie TT will love them too.  Q was in a great mood and was enjoying taking some of her first assisted steps.   It warmed my heart to see the two of them bonding as they play and I’m so glad I have these images to hold onto those moments forever so that someday we can share them with Q all over again.

2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_01 2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_02 2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_03 2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_04 2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_05 2013_05_15_GodMom_Teri_06




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  1. Auntie TT
    6 years ago

    I could stare at them all day. I love them! Thank you so much for such a lovely day and for taking these special photos. I love you all!

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