Marian Middle School Tea – Girls in the Know • St. Louis, MO Photographer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the Girls in the Know Mother-Daughter Enrichment Tea at Marian Middle School.


What an amazing event for the young ladies and their Mom’s or other caregiver role models to relax, enjoy a High Noon Tea catered by Mary Ann’s Tea Room and learn about each other with the goal of communicating with each other about mind, body and heart during those tough adolescent years.  It was touching to see these young ladies and the special women in their lives laughing, smiling and bonding over a yummy lunch and some straight up “girl talk”.

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The event started off with some background on the mission of Girls in the Know.  If you want to learn more, about this incredible local organization, click here.  After a light lunch a tea, the ladies chatted at their tables sparked by some conversation starter questions the girls at Marian Middle School wanted to ask their Mom’s and Caregivers.

SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4743 SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4734

No gathering of ladies would be complete without some dancing and photos.  We even had a drop-in by the St. Louis KMOV Channel 4 camera crew where a few Marian Middle School students and their guests had the opportunity to do a brief interview.

SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4798 SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4817 SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4778 SarahEStudios_150425_D3_4835

The last two hours of the event included presentations by the amazing Girls in the Know speakers.

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Click here if you want to learn more about Girls in the Know events and 4-week speaker series focused on lessons lead by qualified speakers in for key areas: empowering your pre-teen daughter, promoting a healthy body image, safety (internet, cell phones, home & away), and the birds and the bees.

Enjoy a slideshow telling the story of the event below!

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