Future Presidents

If you could inspire a future American president, would you?

The goal of this project is to do that…inspire children and their parents to always dream big.

And for our kids, it did just that!

Future Presidents

M, L, R, and Q (clockwise from top left) – Future Presidents for the Children

I heard about this amazing project during an inspirational Creative Live training session about “How to Launch your Career using Personal Projects” by Matthew Jordan Smith.  From this moment on I’ve been doing what I can to spread the word to everyone from co-workers in NYC to the parents of kids at M & L’s school here at home in St. Louis, MO to friends and family across the country.

A week ago at dinner, my husband and I shared Matthew Jordan Smith’s vision with our kids.  They watched a 5 minute video about the Future Presidents project and were mesmerized.  M and L LOVE the American Presidents.  They have probably memorized every bit of presidential history possible to learn via the Disney American Presidents app.   M and L also LOVE being leaders.  Their school, Stanton Elementary, is a Lighthouse School for the Leader in Me Program and each and every day M and L learn to be leaders.

As soon as the video was over, M and L ran to get paper and markers and sat at our kitchen table to write out their visions as Future Presidents.  It brings tears to my eyes to see their little minds dream so big.  Here are some images of the kiddos writing out their vision as Future Presidents.Future Presidents Future Presidents Future Presidents Future Presidents Future Presidents Future Presidents

These two pieces of paper are now proudly hanging on our kitchen fridge. M and L are so proud to “be a part” of the project.

Future Presidents

L’s Future Presidents Message

Future Presidents

M’s Future Presidents Message

Later that night after all four kiddos were in bed, my husband and I pledged via Kickstarter to support the project after seeing first hand the impact it had on our kids.  At that time I also penned out a note to Matthew Jordan Smith telling him how much we believed in the project and sharing some ideas with him.  I could hardly believe it when my telephone rang a day later and Matthew had followed up his personal email response with a phone call.  Matthew truly believes in this project with his whole heart.  Since that first call I have talked with Matthew on the telephone a handful of times and we are trading emails as the project funding deadline nears trying to increase support and awareness for the project.

Although not all of our ideas have panned out the way I wanted initially, my husband and I are still working hard to use Matthew Jordan Smith’s project as an inspirational springboard for M and L to possibly start a community project at their school that links their Future President visions (recycling and education) with something they both love so much – reading and books.  Stay tuned…there may be more news to share on that front shortly.

Future Presidents is a photography project created by Matthew Jordan Smith.  You can read more about the project on Kickstarter here: www.kickstarterpresidents.com  If you too are inspired, consider pledging to the project before the funding deadline on May 5th.

I’d love to hear what you think of the project after learning more!

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  1. Allison
    6 years ago

    Great idea. I’m going to check it out and email the teachers at my school. Hopefully, they can help spread the word too.

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