Future Presidents in Action

Future Presidents in Action

Yesterday our kids experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Matthew Jordan Smith and his (beyond sweet) fiance, Nozomi, photographed M, L, R & Q for Matthew’s Future Presidents project at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park.

Future Presidents - 1

The kids did amazing (so poised and all smiles).  M and L were thoughtful in their interviews and written thoughts about what they would do as “Future Presidents”.  R & Q gave so many smiles and showed so much personality.

Future Presidents - 2

Future Presidents - 3Future Presidents - 6Future Presidents - 5After the shoot Matthew and Nozomi were so amazing – they chatted it up with the kids and encouraging them to take black sharpie to paper to share with others what they would do as the next American President.  Matthew even signed the kids poster (they LOVE this) and took photos with us.  Just as we wrapped up, it started raining.  Thank goodness we all had our sweet nanny Chloe with us to help load all 4 kiddos back into the car quickly!

Future Presidents - 4

This morning’s Kickstarter update for backers of Matthew Jordan Smith’s Future President’s project made me so proud to be their Mom.

Kickstarter Update #15 (by Matthew Jordan Smith): Good morning supporters. We continue to have great progress as we travel through the heartland of America. Yesterday we had an exceptional shoot in St. Louis, Missouri, with a group of four beautiful children who made their own board. I thought this photo shoot would be very difficult because two of my subjects were babies. However the shoot was one of the easiest photo sessions we’ve had so far. I don’t think I’ve ever seen babies that were this easy to photograph. I believe the images created yesterday will bring a smile to everyone who views the project and become one of the anchors of the project.  

Matthew then shared an image from the shoot.

Hard for me to believe that watching Matthew’s training on Creative Live brought about this opportunity for our kids.  I can’t thank Matthew and his fiance enough for their support and dedication to this project and for helping our children “dream big”.  My fingers are crossed that someday our kids have a chance to meet other “Presidents”, past, current and future, at the White House!

Future Presidents is a photography project created by Matthew Jordan Smith.  You can read more about the project on Kickstarter here: www.kickstarterpresidents.com

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