Family fun…Fingerprint & 1st Smash!

Family fun…Fingerprint & 1st Smash!

I woke up on Saturday morning and it was raining…so dreary.  I was admittedly a little bummed because I had all kinds of outdoor shot ideas.  However, the weather didn’t matter.  The kiddos were as cute as could be.

Sweet family photo shoot! Family Photo Shoot - 002

Everything from this little guy’s strawberry blonde curls to his adorable smile makes my heart melt.

Adorable 1 year old photo!   Use a window!

It didn’t matter one bit that we were “stuck inside.” We had fun being “fancy” and being “messy”!

Family Photo Shoot - Explore a little one's bedroom!

Love love love (love) Claire’s spunk!

Family Photo Shoot - Lollipop inspiration!

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

Family Photo Shoot - So simple, but adorable.

Before her little brother could get messy, big sister had her turn!

Family Photo Shoot - Big Kid Fingerpaint!Family Photo Shoot - Family Photo Shoot - Big Kid Fingerpaintt

Owen totally loved the balloons!

Family Photo Shoot - 1st Birthday Balloons

And finally, Owen’s SMASH!

Family Photo Shoot - SMASH!I love seeing these little ones grow.  I can’t wait until the next time I can snap some more family shots (on a warmer and less rainy day)!

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