Bubbles and a Baby Pool • St. Louis, MO Children Photographer

So what happens at my house when Daddy, Big Sissy and Big Bubby all aren’t home and it’s a Mom and Twinkie summer date night?


Mom pulls out the baby pool, a yummy drink, her SLR, iPhone and Go Pro and we head out back to the patio for some old-school summer fun.


There really is nothing better than enjoying a lazy summer night with them like this.


Or making it my project of the night to turn the memory into something magical.  Something I don’t always do enough of… make time to be creative and use my vision to document my own memories.




Enjoy the movie.  It’s worth it (I think!). Many more moments that I could have possibly captured in the stills alone. Yet again, I’m reminded why I need to start offering video as an add-on to my documentary sessions!

I’m pretty sure Simba licking the Go Pro, Riley kissing the Go Pro, and Quinn’s little stomp dance on top of the bubbles are some of the best moments.  🙂


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